Unruly Child

Looking through my archives, and found this. Written earlier in the year. It was interesting to remember how I was feeling at that time, and whether I feel the same way now. Unruly Child, ah my Unruly Child.. anyone want to guess what the unruly child is? Continue reading


Addressing the Tyrant

This is not peaceful poetry. This is a response to the way the Syrian regime flaunts its power, dances with it, stripping humanity from the human, dignity from the dignified, rising arrogant, rearing its head like a snake, asking… who will dare challenge? Written on 19/10/2012, the day Wasim al-Hasan was assasinated in Lebanon. Because the Syrian regime does not only dance to its own tune in its country, but on neighbourly soil as well. Continue reading

Composed upon hearing the final ruling for Babar Ahmed to be extradited to the USA, 5/10/12

I wrote this upon hearing the verdict given by the Judge to Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan, allowing them to be extradited to the USA after years of their struggle for justice and being held in prison without trial.

That moment
you laid your verdict
The world did not shrink around me
Mountains did not strangle their weight upon my neck
The earth beneath me did not tremble Continue reading