Addressing the Tyrant

This is not peaceful poetry. This is a response to the way the Syrian regime flaunts its power, dances with it, stripping humanity from the human, dignity from the dignified, rising arrogant, rearing its head like a snake, asking… who will dare challenge? Written on 19/10/2012, the day Wasim al-Hasan was assasinated in Lebanon. Because the Syrian regime does not only dance to its own tune in its country, but on neighbourly soil as well.

And hit me again
Slap me again
Whip me again
Switch on my explosives
Laugh at the smoke
Erupt with glee
As I erupt with fire
And once again
Produce your whip
With a menacing smile…
You will tire.
You will tire, and
Your muscles will ache
Your hands will fail
Your knees will bend
Your fuses diffuse
Time is ticking, the sands are trickling
And that whip whose tip lashed lines along my flesh
Razed destruction upon my land
Painted loving red lines along my bare back
Will curl its way back to its mother, and cower hard around her neck.


2 thoughts on “Addressing the Tyrant

  1. D says:

    Hauntingly beautiful…May Allah bring an end to the injustice in Syria soon – in our prayers..

  2. Trekk says:

    amazingly powerful.

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