Once upon a time, night had been his friend.

Underneath her cloak he would sit and watch the city. If the city slept, night was his comrade and his companion. She was his armchair for reflection, his schoolbook, inspiring him with lines of poetry and undiscovered treasures of imagination.

And if the city was alive, if she danced to the tunes of a wedding, burst with the beeps and bustle of traffic, winked at him with her lights; she opened for him the doors of discovery, curiosity, and adventure. His heart raced with the music, his feet itched with delight and longing. The shop lights would beckon at him as he pictured chicken on rotating skewers, the knife coming down on them gently. The quick wrap of bread by nimble fingers. Saha– good health- move on. What’s your order?

Often he would sit on the roadside with his friends, wraps shared between them. Continue reading


Join me on my journey

Homebound- is where my ship is heading. To the source, to the one, to the home. To God. To be homebound is to be free, to have lofty aspirations, to be visionary, and to do all things good. This is what my writing centres around and aims to keep in line with. I invite you all on board.

Amal Saffour