If my Eye went Blind

This one is not mine.
The beautiful words of a friend of mine (who prefers to remain anonymous). So beautiful- I had to share.


“Listening to Yann Tiersen’s amazing soundtrack to Amelie. (A movie I am yet to see.)

And I just realised how utterly absurd it is to ever think one can’t change the world.

If my eye went blind it would change the whole experience of my life.

If my feet were no longer usable everything would be different.

Perhaps in the world ‘China’ is a foot and ‘America’ an eye.

The world is very big, there are so many people.

Perhaps in the world I am only as small as an eyelash. Perhaps.

But isn’t it bothersome when an eyelash gets in your eye? Doesn’t it stay on your mind? Don’t you think of ways to get rid of it? Roll your eyeball around or get someone to have a look. Doesn’t it change your behaviour? Continue reading