Unruly Child

Looking through my archives, and found this. Written earlier in the year. It was interesting to remember how I was feeling at that time, and whether I feel the same way now. Unruly Child, ah my Unruly Child.. anyone want to guess what the unruly child is?

Unruly child

You see beauty, like snow falling in the copper light

And you want. Hands outstretched. “Suffering” heart.

You think love, but it isn’t yours. You feel warmth, yet the fire will burn out. Your eyes are lighted, giddy with dancing- sinking with peace. Illusions of peace. Sinking, sinking… into what? To where am I going?

The eye sees much yet its memory selects few.

Unruly child:  what is perceived cannot always be yours. What is felt may not choose your heart.

Unruly child- my mind, my ever-changing heart, guard and lower. And the lord will giveth.


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