Reflections on death

My mother’s voice on the phone changed. I knew someone had passed away. She called me to tell me who it was, and the shock hit me with such force… I still cannot believe it.

Murad was younger than me. I remember him always, in the Islamic centre we used to spend our time at when we were young. I remember his curly hair and his smile. I remember his mother, such a joky smiling woman. He passed away, 20/21 years old, in a motorbike accident on the way home from work. The bike flipped. He flipped. He died. A second year university student. Had left his colleagues at work just a while ago.

Such is life. Such is death. We know that we don’t know when to expect it, but the rigidity of the lines below show that our end always take us by surprise…

I was created to embrace your clutches

I entered the world, and you will surely be my exit

What keeps me hopeful is that you are not the end. But what terrifies me is how I will greet you.


One thought on “Reflections on death

  1. hawanoor says:

    Love your work Amal x

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