Outpouring of Darkness

Chains fettered around my feet.
Try to rise, but my spine is sinking, curving,
A mountain pushing my head to bow in defeat
and the padlocks fasten, clamping on my
thoughts till the blood gasps and gulps and
my world deceives me. A shadow of light
seems an outpouring of sunshine- double edged-
an outpouring of darkness.

Outpouring of darkness.
What brought me here?
Why do your walls suffocate me and memories of saints, of paradise in their hearts, of freeness and lightness
run away from me,
beyond my outstretched fingers?
Outpouring of darkness, forming dunes upon dunes,
where is your travelling caravan to set me free?
I am rising, yet I stumble through the
memories of softness
a closeness
a lightness to set me free.
Come closer and set me free.

Note: This poem was inspired by the www.ipersonalenrichment.com programme. It reflected how I had been feeling before taking the programme. My poem “wings” reflects how I felt after the programme. The two poems are best read one after the other.


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