And so the dawn came

This is one of my favourite pieces of poetry. Suddenly came to me like inspiration, one night many Ramadan’s ago. Enjoy.

And so the dawn came.

We watched her with awe. Her rays climbing the corners of the sky.
Her splendid orange crushing the darkness.

And we sighed with love, but our love was incomplete.
For we forgot that with love comes work; and we left the fields without cultivation, and the earth cried out with thirst.

And we swayed with longing, but our longing was incomplete.
For we forgot that with longing comes reverence and humility,
and our hearts hardened when we did not whisper the glories of our lord,
And the earth became narrow and constricted.

And we cried at such beauty, but our tears were in vain.
For to appreciate beauty is to understand from where it came
Yet we attempted to soar when we knew not how to stretch our wings, and we looked to the future without setting a beginning.

And the grass wilted, and the earth shrunk. And the dawn rose magnificently searching for pillars to support her.

But we had not yet constructed the pillars.
And we had not yet gathered her greatness

And so she sank into the horizon, leaving traces of her hue,
Lest we work towards her harvest through first appreciating the dew.


4 thoughts on “And so the dawn came

  1. ibhog says:

    You’re very talented masha’Allah 🙂

  2. amalsaffour says:

    Thank you ibhog.

  3. Nadia Khaliq says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful – words that resonate with the soul will always captivate us.

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